[INFO] Peruvian fans trend SMTOWNPERU (From Peruvian newspaper La Republica)

K-pop fans have been waiting for this oportunity, the opportunity of seeing their idols on a Latin American tour and their arrival to our country.

The first part of their dream has been accomplished, the korean agency  SM Entertainment has announced this May 4th, that they will arrive to South America as part of a World Tour in July. Brazil and Chile are being considered.

However, our country hasn’t appeared in their agendas yet, that’s why the peruvian kpop fans are doing a campaign to see their favorite stars:  BoASuper JuniorSNSDSHINee among others.

The goal of this campaign, developed within social networks, is get to see their favorite singers in our country. This singers are part of the korean culture; a culture which has taken roots within young and not so young people in our country.

Currently, they are doing a trending campaign on Twitter with SMTOWNPERU.

Source: La Republica Newspaper LINK

English translation: Roxy @ SHINeePERU

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