[NEWS] 110515 K-pop fans gathered to call out for their Idols

Hundreds of k-pop fans, mainly women,  made an event to show that in our country exists a great amount of people who loves this music

This event was because of the statement from SM Entertainment -agency which manages the most popular singers in Korea, such us, TVXQ, BoA, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee among others- about the possibility of doing a Latin America tour, however, until this moment only Brazil and Chile have been considered; that’s why Peruvian fans want to show the world that in Peru there is a huge kpop fanbase

The event was carried out at Mr. Aldo Peralta’s house, owner of Kasoo, one of the stores that sell all products related to k-pop. This store is inside the well known gallery Centro Comercial Arenales, one of the favorite places of young people.

In the event, many choreographies from their favorite artists were done.

This is the first of many activities that they are planning to do until they see their dream fulfilled; which is for the SM Entertainment artists to have a concert in our country.

Check out the video below:

Credits: La Republica Journal LINK

English translation: Roxy @ SHINeePERU

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