[NEWS] SM Entertainment knows about peruvian fans!

After the great events this past Sunday were Peruvian k-pop fans gathered to call out for a SM TOWN Concert in Peru, a Korean reporter Kang SooJin from KyungHyang Daily Newspaper contacted us and kindly did an article about the great work we are doing to accomplish our dream!

We have yet to translate all the article, but what get us all exited was that a SM Entertainment representative expressed their feelings about our efforts.

Article Extract:

Regarding this (the SM Town event in Peru), SM Entertainment representative said, “On the other side of the globe, we are touched and thankful for the overwhelming support from Peruvian fans. In South America including Peru, if an opportunity to perform comes up, we would like to meet the local fans there”

Find the original article HERE

In addition to this, the video report from La Republica Journal, has obtained many awards on Youtube, and is the most watched in Korea

Watch the video HERE

Stay tuned for our our coming SM TOWN IN PERU events in many cities of Peru!

Translation: @fanwonder

Pictures: AZTVStation & SM Town in Peru


4 responses to “[NEWS] SM Entertainment knows about peruvian fans!

  1. *muriendo* OMO!!!!! la SM Ent ya sabe!! asdadasda!!! asdasdas SM TOWN IN PERU fighting!!!! ❤

  2. wuju ojala que asi nuestro sueño se vuelvs realidaaad 😀 que feliz soy (:

  3. Espero de veras que vengan a Peru ❤ Es cosa de mostrarles la cantidad de fans q hay aqui ^^

    .. ya que viendolo desde su punto de vista como negocio..
    cuantos fans irian al concierto? .. mas de 6000?? 10 000?? y donde se presentarian???
    creo que el monumental y el nacional son algo grandes ..

  4. ❀.:*Logue♥*:.❀

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh choemalll!!! yeahh yeah!!! xDDD

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