[ANNOUNCEMENT] SM TOWN in PERU – 2nd Fanmeeting


Finally! what you all have been waiting for!

After some hard work we can finally announce the date for our 2nd fanmeeting!


SM TOWN IN PERU – Let’s Go on a Trip (2nd Fanmeeting)

Venue: Concha Acustica del Campo de Marte

Date: Sunday, July, 3rd 2011

Time: From 3:00pm to 6:00pm

The entrances is FREE

Concha Acústica del Campo de Marte

It’s a very famous place located in the district of Jesus Maria in Lima – Peru. Initially, it was created to hold the concerts of the National Symphony. Now, it is used for cultural events. It has a huge stage and it can hold minimum 1500 people!

We want this event to make the relationship between Korea and Peru even stronger!

All kpop fans are invited, from all peruvian fandoms! United we’re going to ask for a SM TOWN Concert in our country! We want to show that Peru is an excellent place for a Hallyu concert!

Stay tuned to our coming announcements through this Blog, our Facebook Page and our Official Twitter account because in the following days we’re going to publish part of the activities for that day!

You can not miss this event! There are going to be MANY SURPRISES!

Finally, we want to give a public thanks to Jesus Maria City Hall for all their support!

Unión de Clubes de Fans de la SM

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