[NEWS] SM TOWN IN PERU Fan meeting gathers almost 4000 PEOPLE!!

In the following lines, there’s an account of the event held on sunday, July 3rd, 2011 in Lima – Peru.

SM TOWN IN PERU – 2nd Fan meeting, event that gathered almost 4000 fans asking for a SM Town concert and showing their love to k-pop music.

In this event we also signed CONCERT PETITIONS that will be sent to SM Entertainment’s office in Korea.

The news about SM TOWN IN PERU – 2nd Fan Meeting, has reached now korean sites such as Daum, DC Inside, Sports Khan, Nate, Naeil, SBS.co.kr,  NAVER and more!

Thanks for reading!

PS. Below you will find VIDEOS and more than 50 PHOTOS!

GENERAL REPORT- Sunday, July 3rd, 2011
SM TOWN IN PERU – Let’s go on a trip (2nd Fan meeting)

Place: Concha Acustica del Campo de Marte – Jesus Maria District
12:30 pm, part of the staff of SM TOWN IN PERU arrived to Concha Acustica del Campo de Marte to begin with the preparations of the event to be held at 3pm. Right after that, the music system (equipment) arrived.
1:00pm, Mr. Victoriano Chavez, sub-manager of the Show Business Area of Jesus Maria City Hall and a member of National Security arrived to supervised the progress of the upcoming event.

To our surprise, even two hours before the event started, people began to arrive, so we decided to line them up outside the place so they could enter in order.

We hired some members of the Jesus Maria Police Station to be in charge of the security of the event. They arrived about 2 pm

At the entrance, our staff members welcomed the people who arrived. They were in charge of giving the printed schedule for that day as well as the ticket for the general free draw. We also gave away 800 uchiwas and 2000 ramen soups, a special donation made by Mr. Dong and Mrs. Han Sun Hee respectively.

1:30pm Mr. Vicotriano told us that the entrance line was way too long, so it was time to make the people go inside the place. So at 1:45pm people began to go inside Concha Acustica. The 2000 were all given away before 3:30pm.
Inside the auditorium we had set a table to gather signs for an especial CONCERT PETITION. We printed a thousand copies and all of them were signed (we’re planning to continue this project as many people didn’t get to sign).

We also set a place for the important people who were going to attend the event, such as people from the Korean Embassy.

Next to the main stage, the banners of the fan clubs of all the Korean agencies were set, as we wanted to show that Peru loves every single Korean singer and actor.

There was also a table that was provided of special Korean food such as kimbap, which was sold at its price cost.

The schedule for the event was very well planned, so at 1pm the dance groups began to arrive with their staff to make themselves ready to perform at 4pm.

2:40pm members of International Youth Foundation (IYF) arrived with their dancers and some other members of that organization, among them were the main Shepherd and his wife.

3:00pm people were still arriving, so the show started at 3:20pm sharp. On the stage, all the banners from SM Entertainment artists were set.

Our staff was ready to do their best.

We had people in charge of the live broadcasting via twitter (Nathy from SHINee Peru and Pamis from TVXQ Peru)

People in charge of the recording (Sonia from Kasoo Store)

And a professional photographer in charge of taking the best pictures (Pedro Ricardo)

3:20pm the show began. The MCing was in charge of Rosa y Rossana from SHINee Peru.

We began with the CULTURAL HOUR, in which we had members of the Agency of International Cooperation of Korea (KOICA) who explained about the traditional Korean cloth, the Hanbok and who also explained about the Korean traditions.

After that, there was an especial presentation of the Peruvian Federation of Taekwondo, who taught us about this art.

Finally, members of International Youth Foundation (IYF) made an especial number followed by some words of Mr. Victor Vela, a representative of IYF. They finished with a traditional Korean dance..

The Schedule continued, always expressing our gratitude to the people and institution who supported us..

4:00pm SM TOWN IN PERU HOUR began. We started off with the introduction of the leaders of the SM fans clubs in Peru, who thanked the audience for their support..

We prepared especial presentations of dance groups who performed the following songs:

  • Super Junior’s Bonamana
  • SNSD’s Oh!
  • TVXQ’s Keep your head down
  • F(x)’s Danger
  • SHINee’s Lucifer

All the people sang along also chorusing the fanchants.

Then, our main Project was to dance SM’s Let’s go on a trip, so all the members of the dance groups simulated to be the real artists and made the audience dance along.

After this, we took our time to make an especial demonstration of our gratitude to the two Korean institutions who gave us all their support, KBS World Radio and Seoul International Drama Awards.

Finally, SM TOWN HOUR was closed with the presentation of the song Star Star Star of SNSD.

5:00pm K-POP HOUR started with the presentation of dance groups who performed 2PM’s and Teen Top’s songs.

Before the event got to the end, we started the free draw of OST, dvs and books donated by KBS World Radio and Seoul International Drama Awards, as well as some products donated by the Korean Embassy in Peru.

The event finished with the participation of almost FOUR THOUSAND PEOPLE (4000), number that was confirmed by the members of the City hall and the members of our staff who were at the entrance at all time.

All the people were more than happy, proof of that were the hundreds of positive comments left in our Facebook, Blog and twitter accounts.


The following list expresses our sincere gratitude to all the people who support the SM TOWN in PERU event..

Korean Embassy in Peru, thank you very much to the Secretary of the General Consul for her attendance and to the Consul himself LEE Hwang-roh who made an especial donation ofposters, fans and folders of Jang Geuk Suk in behalf of the Embassy.

Agency of International Cooperation of Korea (KOICA) for their attendance and for the especial exposition of the Korean culture.

International Youth Foundation (IYF) for their collaboration and beautiful dances.

Peruvian Federation of Taekwondo for their participation; to his president Mr. Young Gi Jeon, for his support.

Center of Korean Language, to Shepherd Bang and his wife director Ines for helping us to contact the Peruvian Federation of Taekwondo.

Be Asia for its support and for helping us to do the Cultural Hour for the SM TOWN in PERU event. To Grecia and all her team thank you very much!

Kasoo Store, to Mr. Aldo Peralta and Mrs. Sonia Tovar for their UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT, their donations and for their hard work in the coordination of the SM TOWN in PERU, 2nd fan meeting. We have no words to express our gratitude!

The Corner of KPOP, to Syrup Lee, General Coordinator of the SM TOWN in PERU Project in Korea, for her constant work and permanent contact with us, the coordinators of the Project in Peru. Thank you very much for getting in contact with Seoul Drama Awards and KBS WORLD Radio. THANKS A LOT!

MRK Trading owned by Mr. Dong for his donation of 800 uchiwas and  SELION Trading owned by Mrs. Han Sun Hee for her donation of 2000 ramen soup. This products were given away at the entrance..

Seoul Drama Awards for its wonderful support to the SM TOWN in PERU project, for giving us the opportunity to show that Peru has a great admiration to the Korean music and culture. Thank you very much for your donation as well, all the products were given away in a free draw..

KBS WORLD Radio; for your kind support and interest shown to the Peruvian kpop fandom, and moreover to the SM TOWN in PERU project. Thank you very much for your books donation, which have been also given away in a free draw.

Dance Groups: Thank you so much for your collaboration!

  • Steely Dancers
  • Dolls Peru
  • Nabi 5
  • Revolution
  • X-Treme Soul
  • The Super Sapphire (TSS)
  • Noona Buono

Jennifer Segura, for sharing with us her beautiful voice in the singing session

Minoz Peru, to Veronica and her members who helped us with the security team. Also, thank you for helping us getting to the local media.

Peruvian kpop fandom in general, THANK YOU for attending and supporting SM TOWN in PERU project!

Jessica Guerrero for the preparation of the food for the especial guests.

Claudia Rios Karlsson for her donation of the professional photographer.

Donators, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, your donations helped us a lot! We are really grateful!!

Jesús María City Hall, to Mrs. Mary Anco and Mr. Victoriano Chávez, for all their support before and during the event. Also to the rest of the members of the City Hall.

Jesús María Police Station, to all the members who were there to protect us, also thanks to the members of the National Security Department.

The press: thanks very much to all the media: reporters, interviewers, photographers, camera men who attended our event. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

STAFF members of the SM artist fan clubs of  TVXQ PERU (including CHANGMIN ANGELS AND YUNHO HOUSE), SNSD PERU, SHINee PERU, Hato PERU, Fx PERU and BoA PERU including also parents and family members who were present and helped a lot during the event..

People who watched the event live through twitter, thank you very much for stayed tuned!

Finally, thanks to ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ATTENDED SM TOWN in PERU 2nd fan meeting. THOUSANDS OF THANKS, for supporting this project, we know that if we keep working hard, we’re going to achieve our dreams. Our work hasn’t finished yet; we’ll keep doing our best until we see SM ARTISTS and more landing on Peruvian ground!


SM TOWN IN PERU, our goal, our dream!





Videos credits: Owners

Photo credits: AZ TV Station, Gabriella Kandyland @Facebook

9 responses to “[NEWS] SM TOWN IN PERU Fan meeting gathers almost 4000 PEOPLE!!

  1. WOW that is a sea of people! Great job everyone, what a major event!

  2. Brasileira aqui, sério gente, vocês merecem muito SMTOWN, vocês se mobilizam e mostram que querem, continuem assim ^^

  3. ryeowook i'm elf

    we want sm town in peru please

  4. Claudia Florian

    Qué genial!! Hubiera querido ir C:
    ojalá se haga posible lo que tanto quieren. FIGHTING!

    m gusthO TBAHA RELIDNHO…

  6. claro k merecemos un concert de la SM <<< IN PERUUUUUU<<<< PLEASE<< LOS AMAMOSSSSS<<< SUJU << SNSD<<TVXQ<<<SHINEE<< FX<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  7. Y_Y como carajo no supe de este fan meeting. Por favor avísenme si hay otro, espero su respuesta…

    PD: SHINee fighting

  8. sarah yoochun(tvxq)!!!fighting!!!

    Yo asIsTi A esA COnVoCaToRiA ,,X100PRE LO KISE hAcer ,,,Y lES kuento K SE SIENTE esTar X UN MOMENTO EN COREA ,,,y las fans peruanas SOMOS LO MAXIMO…..OVIO..!!!!!ESTUVO BUENISIMO …….!!!!!!

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